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Florida’s property taxes seem to only be going higher, while home values are declining at a rapid pace. If you’ve been wondering if you’re paying too much in property taxes, you are probably right! Today’s real estate market finds many properties that are overvalued when it comes to tax purposes. Whether you have personal or commercial property, it is worth the time to investigate and be sure you are paying only your fair share of taxes for your property. If your tax assessment seems too high, we might be able to reduce your tax through the process of a property tax appeal.

Shocking Taxes!

Property Tax Advisors, Inc is a full service property tax consulting firm. We work with ALL types of property owners. We will be your partner while attempting to reduce your property taxes. Many homeowners don’t appeal because they either don’t understand the process, or feel that the amount of research and time involved will be overwhelming. Our proven team of property tax experts will handle everything, while pursuing every avenue possible to achieve a successful appeal. Whether your property is worth $5,000,000 or $50,000, we will use all of our resources to obtain the results you are looking for.

As a regional firm located in the Tampa Bay area in the state of Florida, our local expertise provides us with a wealth of knowledge not available from a national firm. Our deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the appeals process in Florida gives us an edge you will not find with another firm. With over 30+ years of local real estate law experience, you can be confident our highly skilled team will exceed your expectations.

Shocking Taxes!

We handle all aspects of the property tax appeal including:

  • Informal Hearings
  • Value Adjustment Board Hearings
  • Judicial Appeals
Unlike other services available, you can be sure your appeal process will receive personal attention from our staff, NOT some computer generated analysis. It does not take a lot of information to get started. Simply get together you latest assessment, and contact us.

Property Tax Advisor's, Inc. made filing my tax appeal a breaze. There staff couldn't have been more attentive to my concerns and questions and was a joy to work with. To top it off, my appeal was granted and I will save THOUSANDS over the next few years! Thanks Again!

- Peggy Loughran, Clearwater, FL

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